Business Opportunities

The solar catamaran is a perfect tool for undertaking a business venture and supporting the activities of the existing business.

Advertisement carrier

High and straight sides of the catamaran are attractive and unique advertisement carriers for advertisement agencies. Additionally, the boat may operate in places and periods where and when a lot of people enjoys to meet and walk near the wharf of a river or other water bodies.


A fleet of charter boats is an option to create an attractive and profitable business. The solar boat’s assets including a low cost of operation, eco-friendly features, innovative design and the application of ingenious solutions will favour and highlight her presence in the market.

Water taxi

The huge potential of the boat may be developed by using the boat as a water taxi on various kinds of water bodies where the possibility to shorten the route, make it more attractive, to take a short rest during the walk or just to get to the other bank will meet the needs of the strollers and will be an option they would like to take.

For hotels

Hotels offering their guests exclusive packages including solar boat trips that add variety to their stay may increase the attractiveness of the offer and enjoy popularity of potential and present clients.

For vineyards & restaurants

A snack or wine tasting in a cosy atmosphere and unusual outdoor locations on the water will always be perceived as an individual and unconventional attitude to the client. As the owner of a restaurant or vineyard you may enhance the attractiveness of your offer adding a relaxing cruise on the river or lake to it.

Easy and cost-free operation of the boat, especially no need to refuel it, is an invaluable asset of the vessel. 

For clubs, societies & NGOs

The catamaran may be used by prestigious societies and clubs by offering their members a friendly, recreational vessel that is easy to operate. It is possible to use her for promoting eco-friendly solutions on the water, developing and popularising new technologies, learning how to navigate and many other tasks.

A sports club, yacht club or NGO may impress its environment by emphasising its individuality through its look at innovativeness, modernity and an individual style. 

For public and environmental protection institutions

Commercial companies operating in power, transport, infrastructure, environmental protection or innovative technology industries may use Solliner to show that their activities are courageous and decisive and their vision goes far beyond patterns.

In the near future we would like to launch other nature-friendly projects like solar houseboats, info-kiosks, ferries.
We are following this direction.