Unique Joy

Sun and water combined together surely can give you the Unique Joy.

SOLLINER┬« is an excellent family boat that enables to spend free time in an attractive way for all members of the family in the open air on the water with the possibility to actively participate in steering the boat from the age of 10 without the necessity to hold the skipper’s ticket.

Shallow drought, solar power and equipping the boat with fishing-rod handles make Solliner an ideal vessel for fishing and catching crabs in inlet waters.

Voyages in a narrow circle of friends is one of the most pleasant forms of spending free time which is appreciated by most adults and children; The catamaran that is easy to operate and does not require to be refuelled encourages to use her frequently.

The table, comfortable U-shape sofa around the table, fridge recesses and twin-hulled stability allow to savour prepared delicacies and drinks during relaxing cruises on the water.

Picnics on Solliner is an excellent option on sunny days.

For the first time it is possible to use a motor boat without incurring costs of fuel and even with the possibility to receive clear financial return thanks to offering a hire and drive service which is possible and easy to provide even by individual private owners.

The product’s uniqueness is a result of perfect, European, high-quality workmanship, appliance of modern technological solutions and her intriguing design.